Nominate a giant



What is a Giant? A Giant is a person who is doing their part to help those in their community by standing up to bullying. Being a Giant doesn’t mean you have to make a big change or make a huge impact. We believe that all small steps can make a giant difference. Together all of the great things you are doing in the community are making changes in people’s lives for the better and helping prevent bullying. From being friendly in the halls to inviting others to sit with you at lunch, your nice gesture is what makes you a Giant.

We’ve heard from more than 12 THOUSAND of you recognizing Giants in your community. Our team was so moved and inspired by the stories you shared that we wanted to share them with our entire community. Listed below are just a handful of the Giant nominations we received. We will be updating this list so make sure to check back and see what new stories we are sharing. If you have a story you’d like to share or a Giant in your community you’d like to recognize, head over to our Facebook page and write on our wall.

To support bully prevention we are proud to partner with Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Pacer’s is an incredible organization that can provide resources, guidance and assistance for those affected by bullying. If you need help, please visit their website for more information.

Giant Stories

“Here is a little story of a little Giant in our school. She is a 7 year old, who is a great student, classmate & person. She is now in second grade and, since she started pre-k, she has been an excellent leader. She has been nominated by her classmates and teachers for the past three years as a SUPER CITIZEN. Such Award is granted because of her positive attitude, enthusiasm, pride, intelligence, kindness and willingness to help everybody in need. She is a true Giant.”

“Ripley Elementary school is our Giant. We as a school do not tolerate bullying and strive every day to make a difference with our students. We send home flyers against bullying and we work hard to make sure that every student understands that bullying or being mean to others has a huge impact on their lives. Everyone should be treated equally and with kindness and love. No room for hate in our school.”

“The Giant who stands up against bullying in our community is a person with a giant heart — our principal, Mrs. Spiratos! She speaks at weekly morning assemblies, and often addresses bullying…what it is and what to do. She even had an assembly last year addressing how to tell jokes and be humorous without making fun of others and making them the butt of the joke! That was a great lesson, and a fun one too! Mrs. Spiratos works tirelessly to get the “no bullying” message across to her students!”

“I would like nominate my daughter as a Giant in our community. She is often the tallest person in her class, at school and in sports. One day in gymnastics, I noticed her standing in between two kids who appeared to be picking on someone smaller. I am very proud of her. She always wants to give a homeless person whatever snacks or drinks we have in the car when we see them on the side of the road. She also collects newspaper for the local animal shelter and hopes to volunteer there at 15.”

“Two little kindergartners saw a first grade student, who is known as a bully, push another first grader. The first grader who was being bullied was afraid to tell a teacher, so the two younger kindergartners told the little boy “go tell the teacher.” So they hurried off to get help. Oh what brave, cute little Giants :-)!”